Sorgard Wraith

On the plane of Sorgard wraiths are powerful undead creatures to be feared. They have a servile attitude, often tied to the necromancer or dark lord who raised them. A wraith is formed when a soul is retrieved from the afterlife improperly. In the midst of a resurrection if the spellcaster fails to connect the soul to the body then the body continues to rot and the soul is still tormented, torn between this world and the Nine Hells. Twisted into a hateful being by its pain and anguish the wraith then relishes the ability to inflict pain onto others. Physically the wraith appears as a gaunt, robed figure floating gently on air currents that don’t exist. Its face is a hollow mockery of the face it had in life, with empty eye sockets and sharp teeth visible around a tongueless hole. Their arms seem spindly and weak, but they end in horrifically clawed hands with distended fingers. When a wraith attacks someone it buries those fingers into its opponents chest, hoping to stop their heart with a deathly chill. The wraith’s lower half rots away over time, leaving the nub of a spine hanging out of an empty chest cavity, some still have entrails dangling from the hole smelling a decay.




Game Statistics:


Str = 6  Dex = 14  Con = 11  Int = 12  Wis = 13  Cha = 15


Challenge Rating: 5

Size: Medium


Armor Class: 13

Hit Points: 55

Movement Speeds: Walking 0ft, Fly(Hover) 40ft

Languages: Infernal, plus the languages it knew in life

Senses: Cannot see normally, but has blindsight out to a range of 60ft

Passive Perception: 11

Saves: Wis +4, Cha +5

Damage Vulnerabilities: Radiant, silvered weapons

Damage Resistances: Acid, Thunder, Lightning, Fire, and Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing damage from non magical, non silvered weapons

Damage Immunities: Cold, Necrotic, Poison

Condition Immunities: Charmed, Exhausted, Paralyzed, Petrified, Poisoned, and Frightened


Abilities: Soul Sucker = If a creature drops to 0HP within 10ft of the wraith they immediately make a death saving throw. If they succeed they gain one success, if they fail their soul is sucked into the Hells by the wraith and they die. When it consumes a soul in this way the wraith regains 2d8HP.

Spells: 3/day = Misty Step, Fog Cloud

          1/day = Teleport (Can target both itself and the creature currently grappled by its claws)

Attacks: Claws = +5 to hit, 5ft range. Deals 1d6+2 Cold damage and 3d10 Necrotic damage. The wraith digs its claws into its target on a hit, grappling them and reducing their speed to 0ft.


Tactics: Wraiths have a number of natural defenses due to their incorporeal nature, but they are not reckless fighters. Sly enough to abuse their magical powers wraiths will often start a fight by casting Fog Cloud over their intended target, honing in through the thick mist with their blindsense. If their prey is following their movements they will Misty Step to and fro, making it seem like there are multiple wraiths attacking. Lastly if things look bleak for the wraith it will Teleport itself away from harm, possibly stealing away a weakened target.


NEW ITEM: Wraith’s Cloak = Wraiths like to wrap themselves in robes or cloaks to obscure their hideous forms. Most wraiths retain a spark of the person they once were, and that spark is reviled by what they have become. The robes start out as any color, any shape or size, but eventually they turn into a mottled grayish black, looking tattered and ragged. If the robes were magical they retain their original properties despite the new look, they also gain the Scent of Death property. Non magical cloaks gain the following properties after being worn by a wraith

  • The cloak allows you to cast feather fall on yourself at will, additionally you have two charges, both of which recharge every day at midnight. Expending one of these charges you may cast either levitate or misty step on yourself as a bonus action.
  • Scent of Death: The cloak will never shake the scent of decay. No amount of washing or scrubbing will ever remove that horrific stench. The wearer of the cloak registers as undead to any magical detection, and a DC 8 perception will recognize the stench as something rotting.

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