The Saurians

Welcome to another installment of my long-winded description of Sorgard and its many aspects. This week we start at the dawn of time, when the massive, Pangaea-esque continent of Yordarr was still mostly whole.

Dinosaurs, kaiju, dragons, and giants are the first known species that inhabited Sorgard. In a way this makes Surdri a positively prehistoric subcontinent, populated as it is by these ancient creatures. But predating even the most ancient dragons were the Saurians, the Children of the Stars. This race of bipedal, scaled creatures were the first things created by the gods, back before there even were gods. See in those days the concept of good and evil, law and chaos, did not exist. There was a certain unity, a harmony between the creator of Sorgard and its denizens. The Saurians were that god’s only children, and it nurtured them into sentience. They built a massive city at the center of Yordarr named Ygga Reikborg, the Seat of the Gods.

Within their city walls also lay the embodiment of their nameless deity. A tree. The Silver Tree, as they called it, shed light during the dark hours when the sun was away, and fed the people of Ygga Reikborg with knowledge. They created art beyond beauty, philosophy beyond reason, and architectural monuments the like of which have never been duplicated under its guidance. Truly Ygga Reikborg was a utopia.

Eons passed and Ygga Reikborg flourished under the light of the Silver Tree. As you may have suspected, this was not a permanent state of affairs. One day a meteor fell through the skies of Sorgard. An acrid trail of smoke and fire careening through the sky. The Saurians, unaccustomed to being threatened, stood and watched it in wonder and bewilderment. Until it crashed into the silver tree. The impact killed millions of Saurians, and reduced their city to rubble and ash in seconds. The seas boiled and the land split apart, creating the cracks that would eventually become the four subcontinents as we know them. It was over so fast that the survivors mostly stayed frozen in place, terrified for the first time in their lives. Others charged towards the tree, hoping to salvage what they could of their former lives. But the fact that you don’t hear about Ygga Reikborg outside of crackpot history books and conspiratorial whispers amongst mages should tell you how successful they were.

It was at this moment that the deity of the Silver Tree was sundered into nine distinct personalities. Every god worshiped by any race on Sorgard is an aspect of one of these nine forms. They are known as the Paragons, and with them good, evil, law, and chaos took form. Each Paragon began forming their own races, populating the world with animals, until they figured out how to remake sentience. Soon after they discovered war. And that may be the single most important invention in the history of this, or any world. With war came swords, castles, and magic. With war also came written language to sign treaties, trade agreements, monetary systems, and a sudden need for Adventurers. For better or for worse this world was forged in war.

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