Angler Troll

Trolls are a remarkably adaptable species, their innate regeneration giving them the ability to thrive in environments most creatures would perish in. When a troll crosses out of the material plane into other realms of existence that adaptation can take on a decidedly weird tone.

When a troll enters a realm of chaotic energy, such as the feywild, sometimes they develop magical capabilities. The angler troll is an unfortunately common mutation, where a mixture of illusion and enchantment capabilities creates an apex predator capable of luring its prey with a powerful spell before consuming them.

An angler troll’s unique magical talent allows it to tap into multiple creature’s psyches, particularly favoring sleeping victims, forming an irresistible image of their surface level desires that drags them out of bed and towards the waiting troll. This image is described by the few survivors as having a golden, dreamlike quality. In fact many claim the sensation is not unlike sleep walking, being unaware of their surroundings until the attack has already begun.

Thankfully angler trolls are solitary hunters, and because of the indiscriminate nature of their powers they sometimes draw too many victims at once, giving their hapless prey a little bit of backup once the spell drops. But that small upside is often of little consolation when you are the one waking up in front of a towering nine foot tall monster.

Ultimately the best defense against the predations of an angler troll is to catch it in force while you are awake, or honestly just to be lucky enough to not live near one.

Angler Troll Game Statistics

Str = 20  Dex = 13  Con = 16  Int = 5  Wis = 13  Cha = 17

Challenge Rating: 6

Size: Large

Armor Class: 15

Hit Points: 95

Movement Speed: 40ft

Languages: Giant, Sylvan, can psychically communicate in any language through dreams

Senses: Darkvision 60ft

Passive Perception: 11

Damage Resistances: Pyschic, Necrotic, Poison

Damage Vulnerabilities: Fire, Acid

Saves: Con +6, Cha +6

Skills: Deception +6


Psychic Lure: The angler troll’s best weapon, as an action once per day the troll can cast a psychic lure into a 20ft radius area within 1 mile of the troll. Every creature in this area must make a Wisdom saving throw (save DC 14) or be enchanted by the visions the troll implants in their minds eye. Sleeping creatures make this check with disadvantage. If a creature fails the saving throw they start seeing golden glowing visions that represent their desires and become charmed by the troll. Creatures charmed in this way must use their movement each turn to walk the most direct route to safely reach the troll. Another creature may take an action to attempt to shake the target out of this charm, giving them another save against the effect, this awakens the target. Affected targets may also make the saving throw at the end of each minute of walking if they are currently awake. Sleeping creatures are immediately awoken by taking damage. The angler troll must use its action each turn to keep this effect active, concentrating on it as though it was a spell. The troll has advantage to attack any creature enthralled by this spell, but after its first attack all creatures charmed by the troll are immediately freed from this condition and awakened if they were still asleep.

Regenerate: Being a troll, the angler troll regenerates 10HP at the start of each of its turns, even if it was dropped to 0HP. So long as the angler troll can regenerate at the start of its next turn, it is not dead. The angler troll does not regenerate if it took acid or fire damage at any point during the previous turn.


Multiattack: The angler troll makes one bite attack and one claws attack

Bite = +8 to hit 5ft reach/ 2d8+5 piercing damage. If the target of this attack is enthralled by the troll’s Psychic Lure ability this attack automatically deals critical damage.

Claws = +8 to hit 10ft reach/ 4d4+5 slashing damage

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