You know how to fend for yourself. Whether you sold the pelts and meat of the creatures you felled or only hunted for your own needs is up to you. What’s important is that tracking and patiently stalking your target is essentially second nature at this point. You know the moods of the land around you better than the back of your own hand, and are skilled at noticing signs that others tend to miss.

Starting Proficiencies:
Stealth, either Perception OR Survival, Cartographer’s Tools, and one standard language used by local traders or other woodsmen.

Starting Equipment:
A rugged set of traveler’s clothes that has 4 small pouches sewn into it, one of those pouches is already full of sweet-smelling herbs used to lure animals, a walking stick, and a separate belt pouch containing 10gp.

Feature – Lay of the Land:
You are adept at reading the signs of nature, you know a few hours in advance of any natural stormfront or other shift in the weather around you. This is enough time to find shelter or otherwise prepare yourself to weather the weather.

Suggested Characteristics:
Hunters are an interesting bunch, as the reason someone hunts can vary widely. Some want the trophies and status, others truly enjoy the hunt, and still more hunt because they simply need to eat. But there are some common threads that connect all hunters. As a whole, hunters are mostly removed from society but have a codependent relationship with the nearby towns and villages. Never truly members of the townsfolk, hunters often live well outside the borders of any civilization. Lastly, they know their own limits better than most, because a wild bear isn’t impressed by empty bluster or how expensive that armor is. Hunters who don’t learn where they stand in the food chain often end up at the bottom of it.

d8 Personality Trait:
1) The tougher an animal is to track and kill the more I respect it. Same could be said of people.
2) I actively oppose killing without necessity, and will often endeavor to leave my enemies alive as a result.
3) Nothing excites me or gets me motivated when my life isn’t on the line.
4) Hunting is a job, and those who romanticize it are fools. I take a professional pride in my efficiency.
5) I hunt because my god demands sacrifice. To me the act of felling an animal is a sacred moment.
6) I cannot in good conscience let others go hungry when I have the means to aid them.
7) I have always dreamed of venturing out to see new creatures and climates, often expanding my hunting range for miles beyond what others would.
7) I take no small amount of amusement in watching city folk struggle and fumble their way through the wilderness.

d6 Ideal:
1) Wanderlust. I have a need to explore the untamed wilds, seeking new and exciting challenges. (Chaotic)
2) Improving. There is always room to do better. I can’t let myself become complacent. (Any)
3) Charity. I know that I can fend for myself, so I help those who I do not believe can. Not everyone should have to live like me. (Good)
4) Natural Selection. Survival of the fittest is the law that governs the natural world. It is only fitting that law should apply to people as well. (Evil)
5) Conservation. I believe there are rules for responsible hunters, such as using every part of the animals you kill, or not damaging the natural balance of the ecosystem you exist in. (Lawful)
6) Perspective. The wilderness is untamable, and the belief that we can impose order on it is laughable. We are nothing next to the fury of a storm, or the beauty of a tree in bloom. Nothing you or I do can change that and we must let go of the arrogance that leads us to think otherwise. (Neutral)

d6 Bond:
1) The gods and spirits of the natural world send me signs and warnings that govern how I act.
2) My target is special to me, I often can be heard muttering conversationally under my breath to whatever I’m currently tracking. It may seem crazy, but there is a real relationship between hunter and prey.
3) The people living in my old village are my friends and neighbors, and I miss them dearly when I travel.
4) I have (had) a pet who has (had) hunted by my side for many years. They are (were) more important to me than most people
5) I love to teach, and all of the children of the world are learning who they are and where they belong in this world. Thus I would never dream to hurt the children of even my enemies.
6) A hunter is only as good as the tools he wields, and I always make sure I have the best equipment for the job.

d6 Flaw:
1) I don’t like explaining myself to others; I know what I know and they should accept my expertise for what it is.
2) I have no time to carry the worthless along with me, it is strength I respect.
3) I don’t speak often, and when I do I seem rude and abrupt. Really I am just more accustomed to listening for my quarry.
4) Perfumes and strong scents make me gag, I prefer my own eau de sweat.
5) I flat refuse to deal with people questioning my methods or decisions.
6) I consider it my job to toughen up those around me, whether or not they appreciate my help.