You are the scourge of mankind, as are the other assorted humanoid peoples of the world. As a bandit, pirate, highwayman, or other sort of unsavory fellow, you have lived a life on the road. The nomadic pace suited you for a time, and the sweet cash you scored off of unsuspecting merchants put food in your belly. But all good things must come to an end, and you have left that life behind. Whether or not you regret the person you were back then is up to you.

Starting Proficiencies:
Intimidation, Insight, Thieves Tools, one type of gaming set.

Starting Equipment:
A set of traveler’s clothes complete with hooded cloak, 5ft of wire used to trip the unwary, a crowbar, and a belt pouch containing 10gp.

Origin – Reason for leaving:
Reavers live a rough life, never knowing when they’ll eat next, or if tomorrow is the day they pick a fight they can’t win. So it’s pretty common for most in the Reaver profession to quit while they’re ahead and find gainful work elsewhere. The adventuring life calls to them, as they already have the requisite combat skills and are accustomed to sleeping outdoors. As to why you chose to leave that life? Here are a few examples:

1) You felt the moral compunction to quit and live a life of good intent.
2) You made your big score and wanted to retire in peace. Until the money was taken from you.
3) You killed your partner/partners in a dispute and couldn’t live with what you’d done.
4) Your partner/partners betrayed you and left you captured or presumed dead.
5) You were beaten black and blue by a gallant adventurer who endeavored to show you the error of your ways.
6) The heat got turned up on you when you ambushed the caravan of some important noble and you had to flee your stomping grounds.
7) You made your first kill on a raid, and after some soul searching decided to quit the life you’d been leading.
8) A kindly wanderer shared a meal with you, and through their actions you saw the potential to live a better life.
9) You recognized one of your victims as an old crush from your childhood, and they recognized you. Their disappointed face haunted you until you fled the life you’d been living.
10) You never really left the life behind, you just saw how much cash those adventurer folk were making from those dungeons they kept diving into and you wanted a piece of that pie.

Feature – Size ‘em Up:
You are a master at knowing who are the haves and the have nots. After a minute studying a person you know what their lifestyle expenses are, and within a degree of certainty (rounded to the nearest 25 coins, but you cannot distinguish the type of coin) how much cash they have on hand. (People overtly trying to hide these facts from you may contest their Deception versus your Insight or Perception as per usual, but you have advantage on the check.)

Suggested Characteristics:
Reavers live a rough life on the road, and constantly raiding or waylaying small townships and travelers creates a distinctive sort of person. But what sort of Reaver were you? Did you show mercy when it was asked? Did you rob everyone that you could get your hands on blind? Did you kill for material gain?

d8 Personality Trait:
1) I am terrified that my past will one day catch up to me, so I am always looking over my shoulder.
2) I shy away from compliments and praise because the people applauding me do not know what I’ve done.
3) I assume new names and mannerisms like others might change clothes, because staying one step ahead of the law is a full time job.
4) I am surly and taciturn because I do not fit in with the goodly people around me.
5) I take pride in my deeds. For good or ill, I’ve survived when others would have perished and I have become stronger for it.
6) My name is important to me. I take pride when all of my actions are attributed rightfully to the perpetrator.
7) I am always sizing up the people closest to me, because when they inevitably turn on me I need to know their weaknesses.
8) I love the thrill of planning a raid or a dungeon crawl, and getting my crew to work as a unit is what I live for.

d6 Ideal:
1) Vigilantism. I only steal from the deserving and give what I don’t need to charitable causes. (Good)
2) Look Out for Number One. Everything I do, I do for myself. It doesn’t matter who I trample in the process. (Evil)
3) Autonomy. I live a life free from any lord or commander. The most important thing to me is that I remain free from restrictions. (Chaotic)
4) Obedience. I was only ever following orders. I do not question the wisdom of the people giving those orders. (Lawful)
5) Balance. I consider myself an equalizer, maintaining the precarious ecosystem that people live in through the threat of fire and steel. (Neutral)
6) Moving On. My life of crime is completely behind me, and I have no desire to return to it. (Any)

d6 Bond:
1) I care deeply about my team, and getting everyone out alive is always my priority.
2) Accruing wealth is the most important part of any adventure.
3) Everything I’ve done has been done to support and protect my loved ones.
4) I need my parents (or parent) to be proud of who I am.
5) I am an adrenaline junkie, running from one harrowing situation to the next to feel that rush of energy.
6) When life and death are on the line, I always make sure I’m the one who gets to choose ‘life’.

d6 Flaw:
1) I care little for anyone outside my tightly knit group of allies and would gladly sacrifice someone I don’t know for someone I care about.
2) I can’t help but try to skim a few coins off the top of any pile of loot.
3) I harbor some truly violent tendencies, and am likely to lash out if I feel even mildly threatened.
4) I can be a bit cowardly from time to time, shying away from fights I don’t know I can win.
5) I fight dirty. I can argue the morality of that when I’m the last one still standing.
6) I give everyone a fair chance, after all it’s your money OR your life.