Bruiser (Rogue Archetype)

Most rogues rely on both their quick wits and quick hands to either avoid combat altogether or find an advantageous position to fight from. Bruisers are not like most rogues. As a Bruiser you have spent your life relying on brute strength to face down your foes. Bruisers may not be as stealthy or as nimble as the average rogue, but your ability to deflect someone’s sword in the right way to make their arm numb with the vibration, or to knock an opponent out cold before the fight has even begun, shows a different kind of cunning.


3rd lvl

Street Fighter: After living a full life brawling your way through your problems you’ve picked up a few tricks. First, your Sneak Attack damage now applies to any weapon, not just finesse weapons. Second, you are now proficient with all simple and martial melee weapons.

Strongarm Parry: As a reaction, you may add your Str bonus to your AC against melee attacks from targets you can see until the beginning of your next turn.

9th lvl

Knockout Punch: Strength-based melee attacks you make during a surprise round add your Str modifier to damage twice. Additionally, if you hit an enemy with this attack you may attempt to knock them unconscious. The target makes a Con save where the DC equals the damage you dealt in this attack. If the target fails and has fewer current hit points than you, then they fall to 0 HP and are knocked unconscious. If the target fails and has more hit points than you, they are stunned for one round. This attack does not affect undead or constructs.

13th lvl

Shake Down: You have an incredibly intimidating presence, covered in scars or other battle damage as you are, and can stare down lords and peasants alike. As an action you may make an Intimidate check to make one creature follow one simple order you give for up to the next hour. Examples include: “Throw down your arms,” “Give me all the money in the cash drawer,” or “Lay on the ground and don’t move.” This order cannot directly harm the target (no making people throw themselves off a cliff), and if you or an ally attack the target they immediately recover from this effect.

17th lvl

One Eye Open: You know by the subtle sound of footsteps or by the faint scent of adrenaline when a fight is about to break out. You may always act as part of the surprise round if you are being ambushed. If you are asleep and have at least 1 HP, you wake up the second the enemies charge, jumping directly into initiative as though you were conscious.