Scout (Ranger Archetype)

Scouts are naturally quick fighters who use their incredible athletic abilities to dart around the outskirts of a fight. A scout is best used when picking off supporting characters, such as wizards or clerics, from angles they didn’t expect to be attacked from. As a scout, your path often leads you to be alone amongst the enemy, but scouts have many tricks up their sleeve to survive unfavorable odds.

Below are listed the abilities of the Scout once you choose this Archetype at 3rd level.

3rd lvl

Mobility: You become proficient in both Athletics and Acrobatics and double your proficiency bonus on those skills. (If you are already proficient in either of these skills, you may pick a new skill or tool of your choice to become proficient in, but the doubling always happens to Athletics and Acrobatics regardless of what skills you just learned.)

7th lvl

Sprint: As a free action you can begin to sprint, doubling your movement speed for one minute. This ability ends if you are knocked prone, shoved more than five feet against your will, or choose not to move on your turn. You cannot use this ability again until completing a short or long rest.

11th lvl

Evasive Runner: If you have already moved at least 15ft this turn you cannot be targeted by attacks of opportunity.

15th lvl

Improved Sprint: Your sprint can now last up to ten minutes, and if you would lose your sprint due to another force’s intervention you may make a Dex save (DC 15) to continue sprinting.