The Celestial (Warlock Patron)

Most warlocks gain their powers through pacts with evil devils, treacherous fey, or horrific old gods. These pacts bear a heavy price, as your magic can be cut off if you go against the will of your patron, and a good hero will often be at odds with those patrons. However, the magic of the heavens, channeled through angels, coatls, and other celestial beings, is often seen as a good thing. Celestial warlocks can often pass for priests or clerics. But unlike a cleric, whose magic is derived from the gods themselves, celestial warlocks pull their magic through their patron. Celestial patrons can be every bit as demanding and harsh as their infernal counterparts. Letting a servant of evil live out of mercy might anger some angels and placate others, and learning the whims of your patron can be a dangerous task. Many an aspiring warlock has been reduced to cinders by an overbearing celestial patron. However, celestial patrons generally care quite a bit for their warlock’s well-being, making a celestial warlock on the battlefield a difficult foe to kill. 


Expanded Spell List:

The following spells are considered class spells for you, and when you are able to cast spells of their level these spells are always considered prepared for you.

1st: Bless, Shield of Faith

2nd: Hold Person, Warding Bond

3rd: Daylight, Magic Circle

4th: Banishment, Guardian of Faith

5th: Commune, Hallow


1st lvl

Godly Vigor: When you cast spells of protection you feel a surge of warmth as your patron imbues you with a little extra help. You gain temporary hit points whenever you target yourself with a spell equal to your Cha modifier x the spell level (this means cantrips do not trigger this ability).

6th lvl

Saving Grace: You are a powerful enough servant that your patron takes extra steps to keep you safe. If a creature you can see hits you with a spell or weapon attack you, may force them to reroll the attack, taking the new number even if it is higher than before. This ability recharges after a short or long rest.

10th lvl

Celestial Resilience: Many of your greatest foes may attempt to warp your mind or pollute your body with foul magics, but your patron has plans for you that don’t involve you becoming some vampire’s thrall. You have Adv on saves made against hostile spell effects cast by fiends, undead, aberrations, fey, elementals, and celestials.

14th lvl

Hallowed Shield: You can create a dome of light that reflects even the attacks of archdevils and gods of evil. As a reaction you can create a sphere of energy with a 60ft radius centered on you. Prevent all damage dealt to creatures within that sphere until the start of your next turn. This ability recharges after a long rest.