The Reveler (Bardic College)

Some bards are scholars, voraciously learning history and magical secrets. Other bards are warriors, determined to fight alongside those whose tales they sing. But bards of the College of the Reveler are neither. These are bards who wish to spread their music to the world, passionate artists who tend to be well versed in musical theory. They spend their downtime between adventures making the local taverns dance and swing, and they can hold their drink with the best of them. A reveler is not surprised to hear that she smashed her lute over the stage after a set, nor that he had received a black eye for flirting with the wife of a local lord, or perhaps the lord himself. Although their own memories of those events may be a bit hazy, their stories tend to become local legend. As a reveler you want to become the next Renaissance Rock Star, regardless of the cost to your personal health.


3rd lvl

Party Bard: Your constant revelry has given you a hardier stomach than the average weekend binger, you are now proficient in Constitution Saves.

Recuperation: What’s a bard to do with that insipid hangover? Cure it with your Song of Rest of course! Plus now you add your Charisma modifier to the amount of healing your song of rest does, so that’s cool.

6th lvl

Persistent Charm: Once a creature has fallen under the thrall of your magic they find it hard to escape. Any creature that fails its first save against any Enchantment spell you cast makes any subsequent saves with disadvantage.

14th lvl

Partay!: You have become the master of ceremonies, the duke of shindigs, and the prince of parties. You now know the spell Mass Suggestion, and may expend one use of Bardic Inspiration to add that dice to the save DC of the spell. If you use your inspiration in this way the suggestion must be to throw a party of some kind. A boisterous ball, a deranged dance, a stupored soiree, or even a carousing carnival. (Alliteration not necessary, but definitely suggested.)