Dryads are a fey race who guard the flora of the mortal realms from destruction. They are generally peaceful people, and rarely venture outside of their forest homes. Each dryad is tied to a specific tree that they call home, spending much of their resting time merged with it to experience life as a mighty oak or a lithe willow. As the tree suffers, so does the dryad, and vice versa. To this end dryads guard their own trees the most fiercely, using their innate fey magic to devastating effect.


Dryads normally appear as beautiful elven females, with green or brown skin and clothed in leaves and flowers. But, as they are as hermaphroditic as their deciduous counterparts, the form an individual dryad takes can vary greatly. Some look like horrifying walking plants, akin to a blight (see the Monster Manual) with hair made of growing branches and skin made of toughened tree bark.


Game Statistics:

Alignment: Dryads tend towards Chaotic alignments due to their Fey capriciousness.

Age: Dryads are ageless entities, considered adults as soon as they are formed and staying in their prime until the end of their tree’s natural life span.

Type: Fey

Size: Medium

Speed: 30ft

Stats: +2 Cha, +1 Wis

Innate Spellcasting: Dryads know the Druidcraft cantrip. At third level you can cast Sleep as a first level spell once per day. At fifth level you can also cast Entangle as a first level spell once per day. Charisma is your spellcasting modifier for these abilities.

Flora: Dryads can Speak With Plants as though the spell was always active. Also, dryads have advantage on Stealth checks made to hide in forests.

Fey: Dryads have advantage against the effects of spells from the Enchantment school. But any spell effects that target Fey creatures will work on a player controlled dryad (spells like Banishment can be a real headache)

Tree Stride: As a bonus action you may meld into a nearby tree or other living wooden object of large size or larger (a large bush for example) reemerging from another tree within 30ft. This ability recharges after a short or long rest.

Tree Bound: Dryads have a specific tree that they are inexorably tied to, this is called their Home Tree. You may use your Tree Stride ability at will if one of the trees used is your Home Tree. You may also merge with your Home Tree as though using Tree Stride, but stay within the tree indefinitely. Moreover, if you merge with your Home Tree in this way and take a long rest, you may alter your appearance in subtle ways before reemerging. Your physical changes should not allow you to pass as a different person and are thus subject to DM approval depending on how drastic they are. Oftentimes when resting within their Home Tree dryads will mold their appearance to the seasons, mirroring the look of the Tree itself. Every point of damage dealt to either the Tree or the dryad is reflected as necrotic damage on the other. If the dryad dies the tree withers, bearing no fruit or flower for seven years. If the tree dies the dryad must make a DC20 Wisdom saving throw or go insane, gaining two long term madness effects and one indefinite madness effect chosen randomly (see the rules for madness in the Dungeon Master’s Guide).

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