Faerie Folk

Faeries are the smallest and most plentiful of the Fey. Usually ranging from one to two feet they vaguely resemble Eladrin in their physique, but each subspecies has incredible variety and a veritable rainbow of colorations. Most faeries are good aligned, favoring community and peace over personal gain and greed. They tend to be capricious pranksters, and while their jests may be at the expense of others they expect you to laugh with them and enjoy life. But as with any sentient race outliers do exist, and evil faeries force their pranks out of maliciousness. It isn’t altogether rare for travelers through fey-touched forests to be led off of cliffs or into swamps by unkind faeries.

Game Statistics:

Alignment: Most faeries are Chaotic Good, except for sprites who tend towards Lawful.

Age: Faeries are short lived amongst the fey, but can still live up to a century, hitting aulthood by roughly age five.

Size: Tiny

[As tiny creatures Faeries have a whole slew of different rules. First their equipment (armor, weapons, clothing, packs, etc.) weigh ½ as much as their medium sized counterparts, which is helpful because Tiny creatures have ½ the carrying capacity of medium and small creatures. They have a natural bonus to dexterity and debuff to strength (included below, but for clarity it is +2 Dex and -2 Str). Their new maximum dexterity is 22 and maximum strength is 16. Tiny creatures do not occupy the full space of a 5ft square and other creatures can always move through their space. Tiny creatures can attack creatures within 5ft of them, as they are assumed to be darting around their space to strike their enemies, but they cannot take an opportunity attack unless they are occupying the same square as the target. Reach weapons only have a reach of 5ft to a tiny creature, but can make opportunity attacks at that 5ft range. Ranged weapons have their ranges cut to ¾ efficiency (rounded up to the nearest 5ft, e.g. a dagger goes from a range of 20/60ft to 15/45ft and a javelin from 30/120ft to 25/90ft). Lastly, tiny creatures have downgraded hit dice and weapon damage dice (spells remain the same). The downgrades are as follows 2d6-1d12, 1d12-1d10, 1d10-1d8, 1d8-1d6, 1d6-1d4, 1d4-1. Anything that already deals 1 damage (unarmed attacks for example) remain at that minimum.]

Type: Fey, as fey creatures faeries have advantage on saves against spells from the Enchantment school

Stat Changes: -2 Str, +4 Dex

Speed: 10ft, Fly 30ft

Unseen: Faeries can cast invisibility on themselves once as an action. This ability recharges after a long rest

Languages: Faeries speak Sylvan and either Common or Elvish


Three subraces of Faerie exist, Pixies, Sprites, and Nymphs. Their specific traits are listed below.

Pixie: Pixies are tiny, butterfly-winged fey with a pacifistic nature and a playful bent. They are cheerful tricksters and enjoy nothing more than a good laugh.


Barely a foot high, pixies resemble cherubic humanoids, but their features are disproportionate. A pixie’s eyes are impossibly huge and many faceted, much like a fly’s eyes. They are often almond shaped and glowing with an inner light. The color trends towards the bright tones of flower petals, often with similar swirling design. Their ears are miniscule, almost vestigial, and their noses are similarly tiny. Their hair and skin tones can be jarringly bright, and they seem to be able to change color at will. They have a constant light about them however, like a large lightning bug, that shines through their skin. They have a pair of wings growing from their back that look like those of a moth, or butterfly. And lastly their arms and legs are quite short for their body’s size. Beyond these traits pixies have no uniform appearance. Male, female, beard, hair, etc. all seem haphazardly associated at best.

     Stats: +2 Cha

     Innate Spellcasting: Pixies can cast the following spells, using Charisma as their spellcasting ability modifier.

           1st lvl – At will: Dancing lights

          3rd lvl – 1/day: Sleep

          5th lvl – 1/day: Faerie Fire

Sprite: Sprites are noble denizens of the forest. They consider themelves the defenders of the softer fey creatures who are more prone to ‘poetry’ or ’emotion.’


Sprites are a wiry and hardy folk. Their hair is short and resembles animal fur, often in shades of brown. Their eyes have massive pupils filling most of their heads, some say you can see a gleam of gold within them when a sprite uses their Heart Sight ability. They stand between eight inches and one and a half feet tall. Their ears are proportionately larger than an elves but with a similar structure. Their skin tone is that of tree bark, ranging from birch to oak, and every shade in between. Most have deeply copper tanned skin, with nut brown being the next most common pigment.

Stats: +2 Int

Heart Sight: By touching another creature the Sprite may learn their intentions to be either “Harmful” “Benevolent” or “Indifferent” as an action. The target may choose to contest this ability with a Wisdom saving throw. The save DC is equal to 8 + Proficiency Bonus + Intelligence Modifier. This ability recharges on a short or long rest, and the Sprite may use it a number of times equal to its Constitution Modifier (minimum one).

Proficiencies: Poisoner’s Kit

NEW ITEM: Sprite Arrow Poison: Harvested from a variety of frogs and mushrooms sprites tend to be experts at extracting natural poisons from the environment. (50gp) DC 10 Con save, injury based poison, on a failed save the target is poisoned for 1 minute, if the target fails by five or more they are rendered unconscious for the duration of the poison.

Nymph: The largest of the Faeries, nymphs are also referred to as water sprites, although they are much closer in appearance to the pixie.


Nymphs have mottled skin in a variety of greens and blues that shines as when wet like the skin of a frog. Their hair looks like soft moss, or algae, but on closer inspection is made of tightly clumped curls of hair. It tends to be greenish brown in color. Their teeth are serrated like a sharks, as their diet consists mainly of oysters, starfish, and fish, whose hard shells or scales they chew through. Most sprites are around two feet in height, the tallest among them can even be mistaken for a short halfling from a distance.

Stats: +2Wis

Additional Movement Speed: Swim 30ft

Amphibious: Nymphs may breathe air and water normally

Bite: Nymphs are proficient with unnarmed strikes, using their teeth, which deal 1d4 peircing damage.

Torrent: A nymph can cast Shape Water at will (as seen in the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion) and can use an action to shove a creature 10ft back with a blast of water from its mouth. Treat this as a ranged spell attack using Wisdom as the ability modifier. Save DC 8 + Proficiency Bonus + Wisdom Modifier vs target’s Strength save. This attack has a range of 15ft and can shove up to a large creature. This ability recharges after a short or long rest.

Slippery Skin: Nymphs suffer one level of exhaustion for each full day they spend without water, often preferring to sleep while submerged in a pond or tub. As long as they are not suffering from this exhaustion they have advantage on checks made to escape a grapple.

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