The oft feared, solitary lizardfolk are perhaps the most secluded race of humanoids. Few people can claim to have met one, and rarer still are the actual conversations or interactions. Lizardfolk are physically monstrous, causing many people to fear them, which suits the reclusive race quite well. Their thick hide and toughened scales make them as durable as an armored warrior. The fact that human armor doesn’t remotely fit on their reptilian frame makes that a crucial benefit. Lizardfolk do not take well to cities and crowds, having adapted to be lone predators across the vast wildernesses of the multiverse. Most of their philosophy revolves around the precepts of survival. They think nothing of devouring a fallen comrade or enemy, and sharing is an alien concept to their sensibilities. We might find them remorseless and cruel, whereas they know that taking time to grieve, or willingly giving away supplies, might well be the cause their own death. This animalistic tendency, along with their lack of formal schooling, leads most people to believe the lizardfolk are stupid. That is not the case, as most lizardfolk can name and identify more flora and fauna within their habitats than even the Rangers or Druids might, and a lizardfolk devised hunting trap or ambush is to be taken lightly only by the suicidal.

Adventuring lizardfolk are rare despite their inherent abilities making them well suited for the lifestyle. When a lizardfolk does take up the adventuring life it is usually due to a loss of their previous territory from natural disaster or enemy incursion, but some do get a seed of the adventuring spirit if their youth allowed them enough safety to dream of other places.


Lizardfolk are between six and seven feet on average, and weigh roughly 350 pounds. In general they can be described as saurian, with a thick tail balancing their forward leaning torso, and their four clawed feet jutting up from the ground where a heel claw hangs nearly half a foot off the ground. Otherwise their characteristics vary widely by what climate they have adapted to.


Game Statistics:

Alignment: Lizardfolk are predisposed towards a neutral alignment due to their rudimentary society.

Age: Most lizardfolk reach adulthood by age 15 and can live just past 100

Size: Medium

Type: Humanoid (Reptile)

Speed: 30ft

Stat Increases: +2 Con

Proficiencies: Survival

Natural Weapon: Bite attack, 5ft reach, 1d6 + Str piercing damage.

Armored Hide: Lizardfolk have 13AC + Dex while unarmored (Does not stack with other unarmored defenses)


There are four different subspecies of lizardfolk, each adapted to live in different climes. When you play a lizardfolk you have the following subrace options

   Swamp: The swamp adapted lizardfolk tend towards mottled green and blue scales and reflective nighttime eyes. Their scales are ridged and jutting along their spine, much like a crocodile. Their faces are long, with eyes towards the top of their head.

      Stat Increase: +1 Str

      Additional Movement: 30ft Swim speed

      Senses: Darkvision (60ft)

      Hold Breath: A swamp lizardfolk may hold its breath up to an additional 10 minutes.

   Desert: Desert lizardfolk, however, have sharp spines protruding from their sides, back, and chin, with sandy browns and yellows striping vertically down their scales. Their faces are wider at the jaw and their eyes are set on the sides of their head. Their tails tend to be slightly skinnier than the norm and their feet have long toes that splay outwards to distribute their weight across the shifting sands.

      Stat Increase: +1 Dex

      Additional Movement: 15ft Burrow speed

      Heat Acclimated: Desert lizardfolk can survive in temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit           without suffering any ill effects  

      Barbed skin: Due to small spikes covering their skin desert lizardfolk deal 1d4 piercing                   damage while grappling/ being grappled

   Jungle: Jungle lizardfolk have scales that shift color subtly depending on their environment, and if they spend enough time in one spot they become nearly indistinguishable from their surroundings. Their eyes stick out slightly from the side of their face, but are swiveled forward, and their nasal cavity is bridged very high (often being their tallest body part.) They have a crest that runs like a solid ridge down their spine.

      Stat Increase: +1 Wis

      Additional Movement: 30ft Climb speed

      Kaleidoscopic Eyes: Proficiency in Perception 

      Camouflage: If a jungle lizardfolk spends one minute (ten rounds) standing in one spot they         blend in to their background, gaining advantage on stealth checks and being allowed to               stealth even in brightly lit areas.

   Marine: Marine lizardfolk have gray and blue scales, with occasionally mottled seafoam greens. A large sail stretches from the base of their skull to their coccyx, being longest at the skull, which is interspaced with blunted spines. Their face is rounded and their eyes are narrow. Their tail has a slight fin along the top and bottom, and their digits have some slight webbing.

      Stat Increase: +1 Cha

      Additional Movement: 30ft Swim speed

      Hold Breath: Marine lizardfolk can hold their breath for an additional 10 minutes.

      Distance Swimmer: Marine lizardfolk often travel great distances, sometimes having to swim           for days on end to find land to sleep on. As such they gain advantage on Con saves to stave         off exhaustion and recover two levels of exhaustion per long rest rather than one.

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